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the never ending story, just ended

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heyy there,

i guess its about time for me to start my build log,

so far,

i have replaced front brakes and pads,

back drums and shoes,

balanced tires,

replaced distrubitor wires,

new spark plugs,

new lifter seal,

oil change,

power steering fluid change,

new clutch,

gear oil change,

fixed my allready short exhaust

(lol cut off this muffler with a big 2 inch hole in it,

haha and welded a cherry bomb on the end :P

will get pics soon)

replaced speakers,

but someone went in my truck and broke them,

taped up seat :rotfl2:


one of the problems i had with dropping my transmission was the shifter,

i didnt relise at the time the top didnt come off from the shaft,

and i took a wrench and broke it off, musta wrentched at it for a bit to long :P

so i welded it back on, but i forgot to put the covers on it !


will update tomorow with pictures

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i would have uploaded pictures today, but the camera that i was going to use,

got broken,

so i need to bring my other one tomorow,

today i replaced the slave cyl.

bled my clutch line by myself (with the help of my old back drum :P )

and got everything ready to take out of the shop,

but i have ran into starter problems,

so tomorow I'm checking the fuses, wires, the current going to the starter,

and ill be seeing if ill be able to jump the wires to see if its an internal problem,

i should have pictures up tomorow,

so you can see what my manche looks like :D

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here are some pics finally,

not the greatest quality but they are still pics


up on the lift :)


oem spare tire wrack still in tact :)

i welded a cherry bomb onto my exhaust and left it as a straight pipe 8)

my custom radiator fan (looks safe eh?)

like my patch work?


now an update for today, i tried shorting my starter to see if it would engage,

notta thing happend, so i cleaned every part on it, dis asembled it, and then re asembled it,

lol thats where the fun began,

i started to take it apart bit by bit and cleanining as i went.

everything was going smooth until i got to this point,

then i pulled this peice out

and pulled this off to clean it not knowing that it was sping loaded :wall:

took me a while of tiral and error but i fould something that will make you be able to slide it back on and its easy to do

took some paper clips and twisted them like a twist tie :P

i got it back together,

put it in again and it still didnt work,

so i dropped it off to roko and it is being rebuilt and delivered tomorow,

one more day till shes on the road again

so right now ill just be chillin :chillin:

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i was out of town and my truck wasnt worknig so it was parked at the gates of my school,

so i got my buddies to run up to where i had my truck parked and got them to rip off the towing warning,

the lady thought it got covered by snow so she put another one up,

got it towed home,

and when i got back i found out somebody slashed my tires :(

going to start to build a little work area for in the snow,

we have so many tarps ill just tarp up and area, put it up on jacks,

put some spotlights in it for some light and heat :P

i have to replace my tires so it will be imobile for a few months,

drop the back of my tranny to get to my slave cyl again,


will update with pictures tomorow

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woah havent post forever,

i lost my cameras battery charger so ill hav epictures when the battery is charged,

i lowered the back of my transmission today,

to adjust my slave cyl, found out that wasnt the problem,

the clutchplate in the bellhousing is 'locked',

i need help with that,

shouldnt there be a plate that the slave cyl pushrod is supposed to engage?

or what piece engages it?

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  • 5 months later...

bit of an update,

got my truck towed to my new house,

getting a new clutch in soon,

but for now ill be gutting out the carpet and head liner,

swapping out the bench for some nice buckets,


until then here are some pictures i took today.


**Ooops forgot to resize them, will be up in few mins**


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i removed my seat yesterday and started to do a floor restoration today,

i have a surface rust but only one rust hole, it seems a previous owner spray down the drivers side floor board with por15 or something else,

as for the rust i found behind my seat, that was my fault,

threw a bottle of brake fluid behind there, the seat punctured a hole in the bottle and drained into my carpet.


so here is what i found


removed my head liner that was fubar and i found this


cleaned up, ready to be sanded


will update tonight or tomorow with more results

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what I'm looking into doing is right now just get rid of the rust and repaint,

after that I'm looking into throwing in a floor epoxy (yes a floor epoxy)

just like the stuff in this thread.



i think it will be a good investment in the long run,


gotta get back to sanding today, going to see if i can borrow an angle grinder or a dremel,

so the de-rusting goes by faster



but to answer your question, at this point I'm not to sure, I'm going to stick without capert for now,

and may invest in a new one in the future


lol and also, it rained last night, so i pulled in my seat,

and i left the back window open :wall:

when i got up this morning i checked right away for any pools of water or rain drops,

so today I'm going to make sure to close it when I'm done,

don't want any new rust already just when i started to get rid of the last stuff

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here's an update for today,

got distracted yesterday with zombie land :D


here is some pictures of some grinding,


then some even more grinding



then after a little longer i pulled out the paint


i ran out of paint so i will pick more up tomorow,

can't wait to throw everything back in :P

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it was amazing! one of the funniest and best zombie movies ever,


what I'm doing next on my truck is painting the interior panels and dash,

which i am painting white,

the reason why i am going to do this is because i kinda powdercoated some of the panels while painting :wall:

at first i was a bit ticked off because i didnt think ahead.

then i realised it gave me an excuse to do more painting,

so i should be busy making the rest of the interior white, except for my seat and door pannels,

Or would i be able to paint those too? (not the seat ofcourse)

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about half way through pulling out my transmission,

found something under the truck

a t valve that has 2 hoses instead of three connected to it,

going to post in tech about it,


here's 3 pics to keep you guys tided over, until the transmission is out,

lots more after that.

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