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Fsj Super Swamper

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I ordered an armor coated header from pacesetter & they neglected to mention that some intake manifolds are made different & wouldn't bolt up to your application. After I tried everything in my power to get an application to work, when it wouldn't. & causing me MAJOR problems.


It seems to me that, this info should be available to everyone that buys there product.


This is enough for me to WARN everyone..............

BEWARE pacesetter could give you the SHAFT

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I bought a pacesetter header for my 05 rubicon & the application was plegged with all kinds of prolblem from a major vacum leak.


Well I fixed the problem by reinstalling the stock exhaust manifold. But not until after I tried to shave the intake to ge the pacesetter to work. In the end I put a hole in the bottom of the intake & had to get a patch put on the bottom of the intake. I called pacesetter & they told me that some intake manifold casts were different & the header wouldn't work. I got really mad, & asked why that info wasn't on the install instructions & the guy from pacesetter didn't have an answer. I asked for a refund & he told me that I need to take that up with the company I bought it from


I called Street Side Auto in Kansas City & they said they probably wouldn't be able to refund my money because the header was damaged. I told them that it wouldn't have been damaged if the product there sold me had worked in the 1st place. They are to get back to me tomorrow so we can settle the problem. If they don't refund my money I'm going to take greater step to get the refund.




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Not to take anyone sides... but it is always "buyer Beware". I always ask are there any fitment issues. What kinda problems have past installers had. That plus you did damage it during install. It is never a good Idea to force somethig to fit on an engine. :brows:


Thats why the header is sitting in its original box, ready to ship back..................... :mad:

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There are a lot of headers that will not work with the 1999+ intakes but work just fine with the older intakes. I can't believe you are the first person to bring to these fitment problems to their attention. You can bet your butt I won't be buying any of their junk. :cheers:


On another matter, I'm getting ready to do the 99+ intake manifold swap and have the Mike Leach headers installed. I called Kolak (Nick Ianuzzi) from whom I purchased these headers long ago, and was assured I would have no clearance problems. We'll soon find out............ :eek:

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Here is the low down.....................


I have to send the damaged header to pacesetter & they will send me a replacement.


Then I have to send the undamaged header to Streetside to get the refund.


Seems like alot of work, but better than taking a big loss on the $$$..........................

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this seems to be just how aftermarket stuff is man,


out of the projects we've done to my boss's 97TJ

only ONE item didn't require extra fab work on our part to install (other than the necessary cutting and drilling in the instructions)


the jeep got a

-swap from 2.5 to a 06 4.0L

-6spd trans. from rubi

-procomp 4.5" LA kit f&r

-warn hub conversion

-tera-4lo kit & sye

-somebodys high-steer kit idk who

-skyjunker sway anti-rock bar (the one with the hub.. its juunk.)

and i'm probably forgetting stuff.


the procomp kit was a HUUGE screwup. wrong parts and the PN is impossible to find with the coating they use


the steering came with the wrong TRE-s and they were junky anyways


the 4.0L and 6 spd held true to the motto that "the hardest motor to put into a jeep is a jeep motor" ended up needing an 05-06 gauge cluster, the part of the body harness witht eh cluster plugs and the obd adapter, a fuel tank for the evap stuff, and dayyyyyss of wire splicing and looking up.


its finally down to finishing up the steering and putting in driveshafts.

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I have a pacesetter header on my 87 and it bolted up great and was a great replacement to my cracked manifold. i've had it over a year with no problems. I'd recommend them to anyone. but then again i didn't have any problems sorry to hear about your issues with them.

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