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mine & my wifes new toy......


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A 1965 Ford Mustang GT. this thing is insane. It has many new parts. And we got it for a great price $5,500. so the list of goodies is.........


Built up motor

1. Cleveland heads

2. Chevy 202 valves

3. Edelbrock intake

4. holley 4-barrel carb, not sure what cfm, but has electric choke ;)


as for the rest: all new chrome, new floor with subframe connectors, all new interior, new tires, Taylor and mallory ignition, and the auto c-4 trans. I think that's it for now. On to the pics


Front view


Back seats


Interior front shot




back view



So this is the reason why I am selling my Truck and Bike. I figured that this would help bring our relationship closer since this is going to be our car to work on. Turns out that it is her dream car. go figure. ;) lol

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Congratulations! I restore classic Mustangs so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


The engine you have doesn't have Cleveland heads on it, more than likely they are off of a 351 Windsor.


It's quite easy to tell them apart, but the easiest way are the valve cover hold down bolts. A 260,289,302 (Except Boss 302) and 351W have only 6 valve cover bolts per side, a 351C, Boss 302, 351M and 400M have 8 per side.


Chevy 2.02 valves are a common modification to 351W heads which come with 1.78" valves, but would actually be a downgrade for 351C heads which have a 2.19" intake valve for the 4 barrel heads and a 2.04" valve for 2 barrel carb heads.


Have fun restoring her. :USAflag: 8)

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I don't see anything suggesting GT...


My mom got fooled with some non-original GT stripes on a '66 25 years ago. At least it had a 4bbl and disk brakes. She was upset when I pointed it out to her... But we upgraded it with the Monte Carlo bar, and exhaust, bigger 4bbl and some better springs. Might not have been a GT, but at least it ran like one. For the most part.


I've had 2 65s, a 67 and a 72. I'd really like that 72 back...

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