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$599 summitracing credit


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If you do not want the credit call them. Most of the time they will credit your card if you charged it or send a check back if you paid by check / MO/ cash, even list that in the Summit policy. I have never had a problem with them, and they have always went out of the way to help.


As for small claims court, it would not be worth your drive to Ohio from BC :Canadaflag: :nuts: :nuts: ALso you would have to pay your $25 filling fee in person just to get on the docket, so your would have 2 trips to Ohio ;)

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I forgot about this thread.


I haven't asked for a refund. It doesn't really bother me (I have the money, and I do shop there a lot. And honestly it was totally my screwup). But it still seemed kinda weird to me that they wouldn't just refund it automatically (it went back unopened). Maybe I'll just call them and ask to do that though. I can't buy tires from them (shipping) nor rims. I can buy other junk though...


I need some 30 spline chromo rear shafts, but they'd be totally custom. And I need some 30 spline chromo D44 outers, and warn D44 30 spline drive flanges. And I think I 'need' a pair of selectable lockers. And I might need another SYE, maybe not. I don't think summit has me for any of those.


Actually, I just thought of something by writing this post. I'm going to have to call warn I think. See what they make their drive flanges out of. Might mess up my plans.

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