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New Guy here.


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I'm coming over from the world of Xj's. I finally found a decent Comanche for a good price and got it.


Shes an 88 comanche 4x2 in the middle of a conversion. The front axle is in, but its awaiting the trans and t case that are on my garage floor. 4.0/aw4/d30/35 with 3.55's and a track lok rear.


here's some pics of when i brought it home:


And here's what it looks like now. Not alot different, just the tires off my cherokee on it.


here's my Xj if any of ya'll are interested.

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:cheers: Hey...welcome to the Club. Nice rigs and gotta love them ProComp Xterrains. we use them on our YJ for crawlin' and love them.


Be sure to start a thread on your MJ in the Projects forum so you can keep us up to date with the conversion and whatever else you are doing to it ;) :D .

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Thanks for the welcome guys. I live in Portland, Oregon.


The Xterrains are doin great for me, but I'd like to see how they do aired down more. I've only run them at 15 lbs, as I usually go down to 12 or 10 lbs.


The guy who had it before me did everything. He actually did it right too. Except for disconnecting the ride height brake thingermajigger in the back. I drove it home with no back brakes. The axles are out of a 96 cherokee, and the tranny and t case sitting on my garage floor are out of it as well. It had been on craigslist for a long long time and came down from about 1600 i think to 750.


Future mods include full length sliders and bumpers, '90 Honda Prelude seats, and trimming the fenders a little.



I actually never go to 4 wheel parts, other than for that. all of the guys in there are stuck up toyota A-holes that can't think of anyone but themselves. Everyone I know that has been there has had a rough time working with them.

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