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  1. I'm puttin honda prelude bucket seats in mine.
  2. So I got a challange for ya. Colum shift MJ, All idiot lights. ????what now?????
  3. Its like a copy of mine, just a little more stock and with more clearcoat pealing. :eek:
  4. Thanks! I brought the fail with me.
  5. Ok i failed. How did you guys get it to post?
  6. Pretty much. I've had people in stock AND lifted XJ's have to take a double, even triple take when i drive by. People have actually stopped me and asked me if i cut up an XJ and did this. They were amaxed that jeep made a pickup on the XJ platform. I just thing a waggy fascia would be even more fun. Plus you don't see them every day.
  7. How many people have MJ's with XJ waggy facias on them? I really want to do it to mine, just to confuse the living daylights out of people. I know its a direct swap. :banana:
  8. Well CC is usually european... 4.0i 3956cc [A40MPI] - 4.0, multi port fuel injection - euro 4.0i 3956cc [C40MPI] - 4.0 multi port fuel injection - euro 4.0i 3956cc [L400L] - pretty sure carb's - euro 4.0i 3956cc [M400L] - pretty sure carb'd - euro This is what you have. 4.0L 242cid L6 MFI (M)
  9. Well as promised, here are some painted pics. I decided to get rid of the metal piece that stock up infront of the tailgate. Somethings gonna go there eventually. It really doesn't stick out THAT far. I made it so that the sides that wrap around stick out about even with the stock flares. It hangs down about an inch or less below the body. I tried to tuck it up as far as I could.
  10. I re did my welds and i painted it. I'll post some "done" pics tonight.
  11. Well, I decided that I didn't like my old flimsy stock bumper, and I had an old bumper from a hot rod project. I got a welder for Christmas and I was bored, so things clicked. here's my build. here's the bumper. Outside width is 74'' wide, about 10'' wider than the stock MJ bumper. Most of that was the extra metal. The bumper brackets needed to be cut out and replaced. I needed to cut down the bumper a total of 5'' (2.5'' each side) to make it fit. It is made out of 1/8’’ and 3/8’’ plate steel. THIS WILL NOT BE A LOAD BEARING BUMPER. That is what ii have a trailer hitch for. Nothing will
  12. 88manche4x4


    I have no clue what sixe X's your running, but I'm running 33x12.50 and REALLY have to watch it in the wet stuff. The lightest touch of the gas sends the back end out.
  13. I need someone with a longbed MJ with a 4.0L/aw4/242 to measure their rear driveshaft from u-joint to u-joint. I want to get a driveshaft made while I'm doing the 2wd to 4wd conversion so I can drive it right away.
  14. Start digging. Dis trails for the rear tires to follow, that will make it MUCH easyer to get it unstuck. I have to ask, where did he think he was going with that?
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