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I'm looking for a nice front bumper for my Comanche. Something that is high clearance and doesn’t weigh a ton. I was wanting to start a thread were people could post the bumpers they like. There are so many, I want to see as many as I can before I spend my coin.


I liked this one at first but I'm not so sure any more.

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Here are a few of the popular one's we sell that we've gotten very good feedback on. Just make sure if your going with a winch bumper that it ties into the rear frame rails and uses MORE than just the 3 factory holes on each side.


MORE XJ/MJ Rock Proof Front Winch Bumper





C4x4 XJ/MJ Tapered Front Winch Bumper (available with our without brush guard)





C4x4 XJ/MJ Trailblazer Front Winch Bumper (available with or without prerunner bar)



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I built this one years ago.


On my MJ now.

Image Not Found


On my XJ a few years ago.

Image Not Found


XJ side view. The bumper has the same angle and lines up perfectly with the front skid.


Image Not Found

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Link fixed.


That bumpers approach angle pretty much sucks. It's nice to be able to hit the bumper then just slide up and over a ledge. that bumper would stop you dead. The roller fairlead would be easy to trash also.






I'm probably going to build up a prerunner bumper with a skid and stinger.

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