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  1. I really like that bumper. Can't wait to see it painted!
  2. NickS

    Rear Speaker Bracket

    Ended up buying some I found on the book of faces.
  3. Looking for rear speaker brackets for my 88 SporTruck. Located in Columbia, SC but I don't think they would be expensive to ship.
  4. Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Merry Christmas!
  5. NickS


    1988 Base 4.0L 4wd Got it from TN (originally sold from Sherwood in Johnson City?) in May 2018. Now in Columbia, SC.
  6. I have the same issue and I am scared to try this Edit: Hello from Columbia!
  7. So you are saying that airdams normally serve a purpose but in Comanches it doesn't do much?
  8. I'm either going to attempt to straighten mine out with a heat gun or just not put it back on and trim the very bottom piece of fender flare so it doesn't look like something is missing. Decisions decisions... If I fail at straightening it and decide I still want one I may be interested HOrnbrod.
  9. Thanks! I'll see if I can find something online. Do you know if it is supposed to be straight/flat?
  10. What the hell is the plastic trim piece underneath the front bumper called? I tried to get one from a Cherokee at pull a part but they were all already taken. Mine is all wonky so I wanted to replace it. Are they supposed to be flat or have some curve to them? Thanks!
  11. https://columbia.craigslist.org/cto/d/1989-jeep-comanche/6738350292.html
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