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  1. We have removed the limit of how many we are making due to popularity and some new tooling. We also dropped the price a bit. Your choice of pool ball, and 2 short lines of text. 1 week lead time, many in stock now, so wait times are shrinking! We custom mill real billiard balls and inset nylock nuts, laser engrave and paint fill for shift patterns. Pool and billiard balls by request, if you wish for one with no engraving, select that option and save. Price includes shipping in US only, contact us for international shipments wait times! 51.00 Engraved, 43.00 plain. http://www.azzysdesignworks.com/stor...l-ball-shifter Standard threading is for jeeps with 10x1.5 shifter threading (BA10, AX5, AX15) but can do others and other shift patterns at your request. For a limited time, we are giving away these with every HD gauge and pool ball order!
  2. Thanks guys. We offer them, but do not have them listed on the website anylonger, due to the many variations out there. AMC really did like to screw with the aftermarket.
  3. I'm the guy that TheDude has been chatting with about picking up the 88. If you are cool with us wrenching a bit on your dad's property, we would make sure they go to a good home.
  4. We will be doing a limited run of these, possibly once a year depending on demand. $55 shipped, your choice of pool ball, and 2 words of text. 2 week lead time, email info@azzysdesignworks.com with your name, ball you would like, transmission (for shift pattern) and short text for laser engraving. We custom mill real billiard balls and inset nylock nuts, laser engrave and paint fill for shift patterns. Included will be a jam nut, we are sourcing out a lower profile version. Lead time will shrink as we get our own laser in house, for how, we have to rent time on another. For those that want these in an automatic, it can be done... there is just additional hardware that needs to be sourced, and brings up the price, but I am willing to include it at cost. First run limited to 25 spots.
  5. Hello Comanche Club! Since my good friend "thedude" has been mentioning this place so much since a quest for an MJ began, i thought I would get a bit more active. Some of you have already ordered from me, and thank you again. I love Comanches (really want a 91 to play with) and make a gauge set that will fit many of them. check out my end of the year sale, I have a few MJ specific cluster sets ready to go. www.azzysdesignworks.com Here's the latest from an XJ customer, order to install was Thursday - Monday. (install probably took 20 min)
  6. this was one heck of a tow back. We were on the road about 22 hours between the hotel, pickup and dropoff, with maybe 2 of those stopping for food and a break (beer). If you make a trip like this... prepare to replace your brakes after.
  7. Oh, we are launching a new style this week for all of our MJ and XJs: I really need to change that first set, the one that is pictured above is in my XJ, and was the first set I did. The cut and form has improved since, with no crease line coming down the large faces. I have the templates, the printer, and the cnc cutter to make what you guys want. These are not made on paper, but a special plastic film that is designed to block out any rear light and be stable in many conditions.
  8. Thanks for the recomendation! Ive got the pattern for the Renix era clusters, as well as any newer ones that were swapped in. Still working on the older style with the giant fuel gauge though, going to need a full cluster fo that one. You can see more of our work on the website or the facebook page: www.azzysdesignworks.com https://www.facebook.com/AzzysDesignWorks Any questions feel free to email or post here.
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