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Project Beer Jacuzzi and Misc Memorial Day BBQ


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It's early here still, barely Breakfast time, but I've got a couple slabs of SpareRibs (about 9 lbs total) on and the Brats soaking up the Beery Goodness in their future Beer Jacuzzi...


Yumm, I'm starving already!





More pictures to follow as the "Project" progresses!


Happy Memorial Day and Thanks to all of those that have served this country, past, present and future!

:USAflag: :USAflag: :USAflag:



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Your on the other side of the country. You have great trails and rust free trucks... Now you tease us with brats which are classic WI eats and great looking ribs. Just don't start posting up pictures of the hot babes you have too...



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I think a sauce recipe for the ribs and proper cooking instructions are in order if we are to be tormented like this. :popcorn:


I really wished I had a secret Sauce Recipe... I don't... I usually start with a Base of something in a bottle, add some Brown Sugar, Molasses, a "random" mixture of spices to taste, sometimes a little diced garlic and simmer it up.. sometimes I'm extra lazy and just use something right of of the bottle... Sorry it isn't more interesting...


I use the Weber Smoker and really like it... I also have a Fan/Temp controller that keeps the Pit at whatever temp I tell it to (or within a couple degrees, so I can smoke for long periods of time without worrying about spikes and stuff... can keep the ribs right @ 225 for 6 hours and the Pork Shoulder for 16-20 hours without adding fuel or even really opening the lid.



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