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2 to 4 wheel drive.

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no. yourself. Little $$$$.


Find a donor 4X4 and get the front axle, tranny, t-case and all the mounting hardware such as cross member etc...


Not a terribly difficult job if you have a decent mechanical aptitude. :cheers:

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Try to make sure your donor has the same engine/trans as yours. (Unless we're talking about a 4.0/stick and then I'd rather not use those axles with their crappy 3.07 gears.)


While the process is relatively straight forward, there are numerous little speedbumps you could conceivably run into, so keep throwing questions at the group so we can make sure you don't trip on any. :D

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i would also say upgrade the rear axle to something stronger like the D44, 8.25 29 spline or the 8.8 31 spline c-clip.


Also think about if you want to lift it now would be the time why you have it all a part.

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Just picked up a Cherokee 4X4 same year as my PU and motor complete running for $300. It has been wrecked slightly in the rear, so insurance totaled it. Today I missed out on another `4 liter, 4x4 242 with the aluminum factory wheels for $400. High miles but Cherokee body was flawless and ineterior was clean with no rips. Only problem was clearcoat was flacking around edges of hood. Otherwise it was better than most older Jeeps I see on the road. Keep your eyes open and be ready to jump when possible. Otherwise you are going to be at the mercy of junkyard prices and that will add up very quick. Especially if the yard pulls parts off for you. If you are not planning to go with huge tires and do serious offroading, swapping out for a heavier rear axle isnt realy necessary. Especially if cost prohibitive for you.

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That's the best way to do a 2wd - to - 4wd conversion ;)


As you'll find in the other articles and topics on the CC, there are a lot of "little parts" that are needed, like the T-case linkage, longer speed-o cable, and vacuum lines. Also having the donor at hand, you'll know where what goes where ;)


What you'll pay at a JY for a transfer case, you'll get the whole truck, and XJ's make the best donors. Plus you'll get all the little extras that you might need, like new door trim panels. Then when you're done.......couple of bucks for the scrap :brows: And selling the left over parts here.


About the only thing you'll need is a rear drive shaft made to finish up the project, unless you can find one on here.


As other's said, if you plan on any type of lift, nows the time to do it.

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i got a question bout converting to 4x4. if you have a short bed mj does it matter bout the rear drive shaft from the donor?


If I read that correct....your asking what.....the short wheel base drive shaft from a 2wd to fit a 4wd????


There are different length rear drive shafts, for the 2wd and the 4wd. The 2wd transmission has a longer tail shaft (output) and the 4wd has the transfer case. Also, the D44 axle will be 1 inch shorter drive shaft that the D35 axle drive shaft.


If your donor has the same rear axle (D35) and is a short wheel base, then the rear drive shaft will fit.


And this is based on a stock (No lift) MJ.


The XJ rear drive shaft will not work.....it's too short.


Other's will tell you too......the best thing is to measure what length drive shaft you need, when you get it all set up, and have the 2wd drive shaft cut down, yoke re-welded, and re-balanced.

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