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87 Trail manche

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Got this thing about a week ago. A friend of mine started it and then I just had to have it. I have Loved MJ's since they came out and finally I have one. WHOO HOO!

1987 Jeep Comanche 2.5L SWB

5.5" RE front coils with ACOS

RockKrawler XJ long arm with custom cross member

Rear spring over with 1.5" RC shackles

Front D44 from 03 Rubicon with 5.13's and Alloy Usa shafts

Rear D44 with 5.13's, a spool, and Alloy Usa shafts

Rock It diff skids F and R

36" Super Swamper TSL's on DIY Budlocks (LOL)

Custom front bumper with a warn 8274 winch

Currie HD steering setup


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Not sure of the power the rear gears and spool will be here monday and installed sometime during the week. It has 3.55s in the rear now and I drove it down the street and was shocked the all 4 squirrels could push it as well as it did.

As far as the XJ goes it is gone but it is already up for sale and for cheap.

I can't wait till it's done. Pretty much it just needs a few finishing touch and it will be ready for the trails. My goal is next weekend. jamminz.gif

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Got alot of stuff done in the past week. I made a driveshaft for the front , got my gears and spool in, got the front air locker wired up and airline ran. I also did alot of other little thing too. Got to flex it out, The rear flexes awesome with 2 leaves taken out of the packs. The front needs different shocks, they aren't quite long enough. Now I am working on making an anti wrap bar for the rear.

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that this is a beast!!!!!


Hey, i see you live in IN. July 18-20th we got a bunch of MJs and XJs heading down to the Badlands. you should try and make it out there.



Hey easy now with those beast comments!



Nice ride though but for sure should ride on out to the Badlands. jamminz.gif

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Thanks for the comments. Today I am working on making the doors removable. I am going to the badlands on May 17, but might be interested in heading down there to wheel with more comanches in July. Pease keep me posted. jamminz.gif

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