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Finally found one...Now it has a new floor.

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Well I got a start on it yesterday. Look at this awesome pile of parts.




Looks better than what came out.



I began by disassembling the old and taking notes of shim sizes and locations. However I found my bearing seerator was too narrow. So I'm slightly delayed waiting on a new ones arrival.


There was a mangled up pile of shims behind the outer opinion bearing.




There were no shims for the carrier unless I'm just not seeing them.





There were shims behind the cup for the inner opinion also but I didnt get pics of them.


Today will be a chance to wash the housing and work on some other projects.


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So far all is well. I cut a load of firewood with it yesterday, and made it home safe. Lol. So far in really happy with the 4.10s. Although ive only put a few miles on them so far.  There is one thing I can't live with and must addreess soon.


Speedo is off. I didnt even think about changing speedo gears...... 

I think I need a 36 and it may have one on a shelf. Gonna have to go on a treasure hunt.

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Installed the tow mirrors today. All went well. I was a nervous about drilling holes that wouldnt line up. So after several measurements and double checks in drilled a small pilot and much to my excitement it was on the money. Didnt take any pics in process but here they are installed.




They will be coming back off to get painted black when the weather breaks.


I also cleaned the door latches and regreased them while I was in the doors. Wow what a difference that made. The power locks work everytime the first time. No more hitting the unlock 6 times to unlock the passenger door. 1 and done.




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On 2/26/2022 at 10:30 PM, Pete M said:

they look factory!  :L: 

I'm really happy with them. New blind spot have been added.



And it threw the topper on. Gotta keep the fishing poles dry.....




I forgot to add there are a couple goodys ordered.


Krustyballer hitch (ill show why during install)

And it placed my preorder for a rem.

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Time for an update. The MJ is down awaiting parts. Coming home from work last week I noticed the tilt column was working loose. Not a big deal. Thats an easy evening fix, right?  Apparently the snap ring that was replacing the lock spring retaining ring decided it was done. So I am currently waiting on a proper retaining clip to arrive. In the meantime I am taking g the opportunity to give the interior a thourough cleaning. I purchased a steam cleaner and a few cheap " detailing" accessories. The steamer has been a game changer for interior panels. Havent attacked the carpet or dash yet. Just focused on 35yrs worth of gunk on the plastics.




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Its like christmas.....




Gm pivot pin puller and lock plate removal tool arrived today too. Maybe I can finish the column tonight.


Sure have been glad for the wj backup driver. Treated it too a full tank and a trip through the car wash. Maybe I can have my truck back by the weekend.....

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New ecu is in. Big improvement in idle. Not sure about more overall power, but acceleration seems smother but that could be a placebo effect. Overall in thank it was a good improvement.  Now if that pesky rem would show up......


Installed a brand new clutch h hydrailc system. I went with the full assembled and prebled system to eliminate any chance of old fluid ruining another master cylinder.



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Well the mj is being retired from daily status. Not going away just becoming a spare vehicle. Here is the replacement daily. 2013 2500hd ltz. Wow what a truck. I am planning to get the NJ in the shop for a complete tear down and restomod. But mom says the mj runs and drives so the xj gets priority. The MJ will get an indoor parking spot and lots of love still.


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