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Metal plate on the bottom of bumper chin

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So last night I was out messing with the truck talking and I happen to come across like a metal plate under the bumper. It's weird because it looked similar to a tic tac toe board. It goes-






     A.    B.    C.    D.    E


And E on mine has been punched out with like....puncher similar to  hole puncher for paper. It's punched out perfectly. Ya'll have these on your trucks or know what it is? Part identification? When I get home I'll grab a picture or two. It almost looks like some sort of identification plate or something screwed in

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Oh interesting. I know I have some other thing engraved on the lip as well that is hard to see. I'll grab a picture of that too. It also again looks like a board with something in it. I've never really paid much attention to it. I'll see if I can wash them off with some water and make it more clear hopefully. I just thought it was kinda bizarre considering it gives little info and just had letters

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On 2/27/2023 at 11:33 AM, gogmorgo said:

Date code perhaps? On Gojira’s thread, the H punched out corresponds with the model year vin digit. I don’t remember seeing it on either of mine but then again I’ve never been looking. 


But I've also got the C punched out... And there's 1 in the grid section. Could be the C stands for March, which would be the correct month, if the 1 stands for 1st half of the year, with a 2 possibly indicating the 9th month on another truck. And production beginning in 86 (G). And maybe the grid wasn't used and it didn't matter where the 1 or 2 got punched. Except Classy Comanche's pic shoots all this down. I've got 2 diamond punches and a 1, he's just got 2x E. And my plate doesn't seem to dovetail to any of these paint/ body codes specific to my truck:



PE4 Colorado Red

QE4 Colorado Red

Body code TL61


So the A-P is a 16 character sequence and the grid is 6 grouped but separated characters, and not sequential. Maybe they're chassis/ drivetrain option designations assigned to the body, designed to be read from the bottom of the body hanging overhead on the assembly line, I don't know... whatever it is it was installed prior to paint.

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