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Off Grid Research - Race Jeep Parts! Front Bumper Preorder Time is now!

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Hello Comanche Club! Its Off Grid Research!

We know there has been a little bit of talk getting around about our New Race Jeep Ultimate Front Bumper and body kit.


Well its time for an official post and ask to the community. We are approaching our final steps before mass production and We now have finalized Tangible prototypes in hand. So its time to let the community officially know!


Its time to Preorder your Front Bumper! 


First Ten Preorders get a DualQuad LED upgrade kit for free.  AND!! Use Code Comancheclub for 10% off entire order! You can also do payments! As of now we have 1 Preorder going on an LS swap Comanche! 


Every penny of these Pre Orders go right back into the Mass production. CNC aluminum block Molds aren't cheap! 


We are asking that even if you don't buy a part from us that you do us a solid and help spread the word. Share this product listing in a facebook group or on instagram etc. An immense amount of time and resource has been poured into this project and we continue to do so.

Driven purely by the Passion to bring back an Extinct segment of the jeep world. 


We hope you Enjoy the Production ready Design! 



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2 hours ago, 500 MJ said:

Quite interested in the full kit, any idea when you’ll have photos of that ready for viewing?

Just curious-SWB only? 

Swb first but LWB eventually as well. We are actually prototyping LWB now. But it will be far after the SWB. We will have more content up soon here this month. Its slow going as Its just me and 1 other helper. The more pre orders we make the faster we can get all of this out to you guys. Also If you Preorder a full kit you get 20% off. I know alot of people will want to see pictures before ordering that why we got this Real Tangible bumper posted as soon as we fealt it was worthy enough to share. We need people to have faith they will get a badass kit. We thank you highly for the support and hope to see an order! 

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2 hours ago, 19comanche86 said:

Wow this is awesome. I’m so happy to see companies making stuff for the Comanche. The bumper is beautiful. Any ETA on the roll pan? I’m 100% ordering that. 

Roll pan in 90 days! Pre orders open soon once mold goes into production! 

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