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Name this 4.0 Part

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Buy 2 of these kits, they’re about $5ea. It’s for your oil filter adapter, use one kit to reseal your oil filter adapter and use the O ring from the other kit that fits for your OPDA. (Oil Pump Drive Assembly.)To re seal the OPDA. I purchased the O ring that Cruiser54 suggested from NAPA but found the one in this kit to fit better. 

This is regarding a ‘91 HO. Assuming the diameter of the ‘91 distributor and the 2000 OPDA are the same.


I have also had Oil pressure sending units just randomly start leaking from the threads and out of the side of the sending unit body. Check that too. And always grab them from the Junkyard when you see them, Napa is really proud of their oil pressure sending units for my ‘91. A64B893D-D7EE-4124-B977-5C0281E814B7.png.a9e78c31178d8e510f7c7e998a9f1b24.png

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I put that job off for a while not wanting to screw with my Distributor, and had read about difficulties getting the oil filter adapter removed, In my recent experience with it, it was laughably easy. Buy yourself a new oil filter and the kits, and jump right in. 
 Suggest Getting some super clean while your there, soak it down and pressure wash the area for easier oil leak diagnostics. 

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