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November 2022-Big Mark's Basket Case

89 MJ

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November 2022- @Big_Mark's 89


Build Thread-






Year/Model -




Axles: 1999 Dana 30, 1999 8.25 Chrysler 3:55:1

Engine: Renix 4.0

Transmission: Aisin AX-15

Transfer case: NP242






2/55 A/C  (2 open windows at 55 MPH)

Stock radiator



Renix Ignition

High output Alternator ACDelco Gold 335-1008

Costco Battery w/ new battery cables

Wiring has been replaced in the sections that were faulty/broken/shorting

Fuse block has been replaced, wire by wire.




ProComp 6" /SOA rear

Bilstien Shocks up front TeraFlex 9550’s in the rear



Whatever the maroon color is called, with a grey driver’s door.

Headliner coming soon!



Stock, Disks in front, Drums in rear



Headlights have been rewired with their own harness,

I've added an interior dome light, I call it "the Sun" cause it's so bright



Still rough looking but not as bad as it was. It has rattle can white paint job, though it may have been a $200. Mayco special, who knows this is how I got it!


Wheel & Tires- 2000 sumthin BFG AT's (pre K/O) size here on 16" Jeep TJ rims



K&N air filter, I don't know if they are better, but I put them in all my cars, at this point it's more of a tradition than an upgrade.


Best MJ story-

My best MJ story is how I came to buy it.

I first saw the MJ in my neighbors’ bushes back in 2010 when I was mowing my mother in laws yard. There was grass growing up through the engine compartment, between the cab and bed, and in a circle around the whole truck. This thing was in full on abandoned mode. We eventually bought my in laws house and after 2 years here I finally asked my neighbor “What’s the deal with the bush Jeep” he said if it was up to him, he’d give it to me for free, but it belonged to his son. His son wanted no less than $1000. for it due to the work he put into it; axle swap, lift, maybe transmission and/or t-case (of this I’m unsure). Since it was really ripped apart in the cab, had a rat p*** smell and “debris” that would fly out of the vents if you turned on the fan, I tried to get it for $800 but he was firm, so I bought it as is for $1k cash. Seemed fair to me, it was a runner after all. And from experience I know how it is with these things, just because you put in $x amount of $ into your Jeep doesn’t mean it’s magically worth that amount, so he felt burnt having spent $2-3k a bunch of years ago and $1k was the price that he could be at peace with.
He was able to lend me a battery from another beater he had further back in the bushes, and I was able to drive it out its’ cocoon of grass, across the road, then down my driveway. Since then, it’$ been “Just Empty Every Pocket” in full effect! The Jeep fortunately came with a big tote o’parts, where I still keep finding little nuggets of treasure, things like; door shock pins; Visor brackets (the middle ones/above the rear-view mirror) etc.

I’ve done a lot of work fixing what was broken or non-functional. Now I’m at a point where I’m good with it and now it’s time to do upgrades, onboard air, side rails, bumpers, larger tires, winch, as well as fix things that break along the way are all in my future.

The other cool MJ thing is remembering that I enjoy turning the wrench. I traded my old Scrambler away a few years ago and haven’t been wrenching on anything enjoyable since, so this has been a great way to escape. Focusing on fixing something that was in disrepair and making it work feels great!

I don’t have any awesome trail poser pics or big flex photos to share but I do have a few before and after photos for ya! Granted some of my “after” photos look like some of your “before” photos, we all enter from different angles!

Thanks for picking me to be the MJOTM!



CC is Awesome! Why? It’s not just for garage trophies or rock crawlers!





These pictures were taken just after I drove the Jeep out of my neighbors' bushes and over to my house.Before-Engine-cptS.jpg.1c573d04e5b4ccf10a73f70ade37b8d3.jpgBefore-Drivers.jpg.dbe5db8913b9aeb500551b0de86c4b3f.jpgBefore_passenger.jpg.14a8cec353d68171d16bfdbc53258763.jpg


That stuff in the bed is the "Parts Pile" that came with the purchase









Interior cab light "the Sun"



This looks like a catalog photo, my favorite


After Engine compartment, it doesn't look much different than the before, but if you look closely, you'll see improvements have been made



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On 11/30/2022 at 5:15 PM, Pete M said:

love it :D   even the basket cases deserve some TLC.



also, as I'm sure someone will say it so it might as well be me... your grille is upside down. :grinyes:

LOL I had no idea, I started Jeeping as a 7 slot guy :laugh2:


I guess I know what my next 10 minute Jeep job is going to be, thanks Pete!

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