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Power Rear Window Slider - PWR Slider

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In my Jeep I have a PWR SLIDER - C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. assemble but I do not have the motor.

Before I go on the hunt I thought I'd post up here to see if anyone has this, if it is stock and if someone can help a downed bro with a used/working motor :D


Here is the gear in the Mechanism where the motor gets attached to




Here is the mechanism assembly



Here is the cable where it attaches to my rear window




Here's the MFG info on the mechanism



Any info is appreciated, even a part no would be helpful, thanks guys!

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15 hours ago, fiatslug87 said:

Did they say if they no longer make them or are they back ordered?

They said they don't make them or have them in stock. But they do have the manual sliders available.

You would think the motor was used for other versions, like the Chevy pick-em-up trucks etc. but the guy said "no we don't make them anymore" and wasn't really into figuring out what the do have that might work. Oh well I guess I expect to much or something? (sarcasm)

He did say I could probaly find them in a junk yard and that I just need to keep my eyes open






oh well I have better things to $pend money on, like a new windshield and Exhaust!!

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