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I have an 89 comanche with 180k miles on it and it was running just fine but the other day while driving the engine just turned off for a second then turned back on and I was able to keep my speed. It then began to happen every other minute and it would cut off for longer periods at a time so I turned around from where I was going to be safe. I have driven it since and the issue had went away but it started back up yesterday. Anyone know what could be wrong?

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Many things could cause this, mostly electrical connections.  A failing fuel pump might cause this, but usually they just quit, not go on and off.  

Did your other electrical accessories continue to work?  I've seen a problem like this turn out to be the positive battery cable rubbing against a sharp metal edge on the frame causing it to momentarily short while driving, not a good thing!  Lucky it didn't burn the whole rig down.  Also seen similar issues using cheap replacement "clamp on" battery terminals.  If you are using those, replace them right away with new cables.  Also have seen similar issues from a battery cable that was corroded under the insulation, from using the cheap clamp on battery terminals that allow air and water to get under the insulation.

Corroded battery cable.jpeg

shitty battery terminals.jpg

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