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At the JY 87 4.0

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the cluster and its linkage should definitely be saved.  :L:  if it's cheap enough I'd definitely get it from you and add it to the Jeep shelf until someone has the need.  (the column should be saved too, but that's likely too much in shipping for me :( )

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Someone got there before me (Bueler?). They knew what to get. 

Gone were: tailgate, tail lights, fuel sender, rear interior panel, rain gutters, B pillar vents, and 10 slot grill. 

I got the interior panels and seat belts. 

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I'd love to, but my primary reason for going to Phx is a Dr visit.

I haven't mentioned this before now, but I had a detached retina in late July.

I have a wonderful eye surgeon who fixed it all up and I need to see her for a final visit tomorrow. Then I have an afternoon meeting in Cave Creek.

I do need to go back down in the future to pick up 2 Alfas near Bell Road. Are you near there? 


Are you interested in that column? I'll ask Mel if he's gonna keep it or not. 

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