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Alright guys, the title says it all. Apparently I have a blown head in the engine. Coolant got in the engine and messed up some bearings. What are my options? Apparently it might cost more to rebuild it then get a used engine. Does anyone have any engine recommendations? Looking for a used one without a ton of miles. Mine only had 80K miles on it. On a side note I might just sell it. I have over 12K into this truck. Obviously I won’t get that out of it. If anyone wants to shoot me an offer the most I will say is no. I would like to get around 6-8k for all I have put in. Anyway any suggestions or offers would be great. I live in central Illinois. I will post a picture of it. 




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I think in general, unless you are just "fed up" with all fact that you have a vehicle you poured money into, but now had a dead engine, you would be best off doing a "back yard" rebuild.


The 4.0 is amazingly tolerant of repair methods that would be rejected by newer/fancier engines.  It is quite possible to polish the crank and throw in some undersized bearings (using Plastigage, of course) and wind up with a viable engine.   It wouldn't be a job I would be proud to do, but it would create a functional engine.

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1 hour ago, FrankTheDog said:

Did you lose your head gasket shortly after you changed the radiator and water pump?

I actually had driving it again for awhile. It was actually in the shop for basic maintenance again. Just stuff I wanted done like speedo cable, new e brake cables an oil change and new oil pan gasket. Got half way home and it started running like a diesel. Oil pressure  went to zero and temp skyrocketed. Blew the reservoir tank up and was smoking. 

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