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can't order AWD with the diesel

Pete M

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and I'm mad. :mad:  a friend of the family (same guy who originally leased my Liberty back in 06) is ordering an oil-burner Glad for his employee lease this upcoming year and I've been doing research for "suggestions" (just in case my dad wants to buy it a year later like the KJ) and it looks like he can't get selec trac with the diesel.  dammit... 








that's my first-world complaint for today.  A uber-expensive Jeep I will probably never own might not be able to get the t-case I want.  :laugh:

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I hesitated pulling the trigger on my diesel wrangler for that reason.


Did it anyway.


Glad I did.  It has all the power I need, especially after the Banks pedal monster and derringer tuner.  Not 392 Hemi power but enough for me.  And the turbo keeps the power up when I go over the passes.


The lack of AWD sucks but everything else is great.

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