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%^&@#$*!$@ AT&T


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I KNEW this was going to be a disaster. I just KNEW it!


As some of you know, I am the last member of species homo sapiens to still be using a dial-up connection to access the Internet. I was recently informed that AT&T can now provide me with DSL service, so about ten days ago I stopped by one of their storefonts to ask what kind of a deal they could cut for me.


Background: I run a home office, so I have 2 phone lines. Line 1 is primarily for voice, line 2 is for fax and Internet. But I have 2-line phones in the office so both lines can be used for voice if line 2 isn't being used for fax on Internet. In addition, I have had AT&T as both my long-dustance phone carrier and my Internet ISP for a number of years. More recently, SBC (which was the provider of my in-state phone service) bought AT&T. So I have been receiving three bills from AT&T every month -- one from the former SBC for each of the lines, and a third from the old AT&T covering Internet and out-of-state long distance for both lines.


I explained all this to the twit behind the counter. No problem, says he. Then he goes into a back room to make some phone calls (don't ask why ... he was using a cell phone), then he comes out and says I'm all set.


Hmmm ... all I did was ask him for prices, and he went ahead and sold me DSL. I was a bit bothered, but DSL was what I had come in to ask about and it appeared they could give it to me, so I went ahead. I reviewed with him again the phone layout. He said I would need some additional filters (beyond the four or five that come in the kit with the DSL modem/router), but that he had ordered them and they would be sent to me directly.


So now, ten days (actually, 12 days) later the additional filters haven't showed up, but I decided to see if things would work without them. So I opened the box and took out the goodies. First thing I noticed ... ALL the filters have only two conducters inside, and they are clearly marked "single line." Which means if I use them, my 2-line phones miraculously become 1-line phones. Not the absolute end of the world as we know it, but not what I wanted, not what I asked about, and not what I was promised. So this afternoon I went back to the AT&T storefront. Naturally, the guy I had dealt with wasn't there. Some other guy waited on me, listened to what I was saying with about 31 percent of his attention span (it was obvious from the glazed look that he didn't understand anything I was saying, didn't give a rat's posterior about MY problem, and just wanted to get me the hell out of the store so he could sell a cell phone to somebody), and just told me to call their 800 service number.


I am ripped. Unfortunately, AT&T is the only game in town for DSL, and I refuse to deal with the robbers at the cable company. I either get this working or it goes back to AT&T and I rip some sales drone a new anal orifice.


Does anybody out there know anything about this stuff? What are these filters for, and do I really need them? What happens if I don't use them -- do the phones and/or modem explode, or do I just get garbled transmissions if someone tries to talk while the Internet is being used?


And once I connect the DSL modem, do I need to install any drivers or anything, or will I automatically be on-line and the browser will see it when I start it up?



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First - you need to ask yourself how bad do you need the second line?How many phones do you have or need?


The reason for the filters are to take static out of the lines for voice phones that are on the same line as the DSL.So if you have two phone lines the DSL signal is only coming down one of them not both.So to keep both lines on one phone you might have to get a bit creative.Now you can either do this behind the wall plate or outside of it.You will have to take the two lines that have DSL coming down them off the wall plate jack put the filter on them then connect them again.Now here is were it can be a pain.You need to figure out which phone number is caring the DSL signal unscrew the two wires that correspond with that number from the back of the phone jack.Splice them into the filter by either clipping the plug off the filter then plugging it in the back to give your out wires or you will need to sacrifice a plug from another cord then rig a female plug for the other side.Now take those wires and put them back on the back of the wall plate.This gives you DSL signal to the modem from the back of the modem there should be a phone plug with 4 contacts.Plug your office phone with two lines into that.This should give you your two phone lines and DSL service like you would like.


Now onto the the modem and drivers .Some you can just plug and play.Others you will have to load a program into the CD drive to activate the modem.Others you will need to load drivers off of a CD.It all comes down to the type of modem you were given.


hope this helps

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say what you want, but the wife and I switched to cable about 6 months ago and haven't looked back since. We got the bundled package (enhanced digital, phone, and internet) and are paying about $20 less per month than when we had them all seperate. And we pay one bill, not three.


The cable modem is faster than the T1 line I have at work. Not the cheapest, but it's a price I'm willing to pay.



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Oh and you should be able to call AT&T and tell them to send you more filters or you can search a few electronics stores for four contact plug filters.


As for cable being cheaper wait till your 6 months is up.Its cheap now but it will not stay there.Other then a fax line which you can technically do from a computer I see no need for a home phone any longer.I have not had a land line for over 10 years.Even when i was forced to get DSL because i had moved to a location that cable wasn't available and would never be I got it without a voice line just DSL.

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I had dial up for yrs.. and switched to cable, but that was only after Verizon told me it would be at least 18 months before they got DSL where I am at. So Now I have cable, and no Home phone, and came out cheaper after you figure I had Direct Tv, Home phone, and Interent. I ended up saving about 30 bucks a month.



Eagle I wish I could help you with your problem. My only advice would be to get on the phone and make AT&T make it right

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I recently dropped AT&T dialup and went to DSL. I was amazed that when you called AT&T, they can't communicate with other departments. It took 2 separate calls to get them out of my life, I feel sorry for you for having to keep them.

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I will try my best to explain my situation since it appears to be simialr to yours.

I have two phone lines at my house and I have DSL through AT&T.

When we got DSL, they added it to only one of the phone lines so the other line is unaffected.

The purpose of the filters it to take out the high pitch frequency they add to the line for the DSL. Your phone and DSL will be fine if you don't use them. It might be annoying to talk on the phone though.

You shouldn't need the filters for the other phone line if it is a separate line (my second phone line is a true second line coming to the house).

As for the DSL, there should be a CD in the package. Load it into the computer and follow the prompts from there. I have a Mac, so it set its self up for me.

Anyway, this is what has worked for me for over a year now.

Good luck,


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