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89 Comanche 2wd

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Hi, I just picked up this 89 Comanche 4.0 2wd. This is my first project and want to build this truck on a budget. This is going to end up being my daily driver, what would y’all recommend for a lift? I was thinking of maybe running a small lift 2-3 inches. Also, what size tires would you run? I want to go bigger but no obnoxious. Thanks for all the help! 


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17 minutes ago, MiNi Beast said:

i recommend doing maintenence and a solid inspection and repair of everything needed before lift and tires. 


welcome here :beerbang: And are you new? :thinking:

Yeah I’m new here. Since I picked it up, Ive done a solid inspection. It’s solid. I’ve also been diagnosing some overheating issues. Hope to have that wrapped up in the next week or so. But so far, new thermostat, water pump, and head gasket. 

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Welcome to the addiction. :wavey:


Since yours is an 89 - I am guessing it is a Renix (unless a PO did an engine swap).


A number of things to do/get to make it road worthy.


1. Perform Cruiser's Renix Tips


2. Purchase Nickintimedesign's REM (Renix Engine Monitor). This will show you how the engine is performing.


3. Download the 88 Electric Service Manual.  88 and 89 are close in electrical wiring.


I am sure there are other things to do as well.  Others will chime in with the suggestions.

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Pull up the carpet and check your floors for rust first. Don't get discouraged if they are rusty, most of us have had rusty floors in our MJs before. As said by Tim, get yourself a Renix Engine Monitor, seriously, it will be a lifesaver. Check out the link in my signature for a write up on the 3ish inch lift that I did on my blue MJ (see my profile picture or cover photo if you view my account). You could pick up 2 inch spring spacers and do an Add-A-Leaf like what I did in the link in my signature pretty cheap. Add some WJ Grand Cherokee lower control arms, and you will be able to clear 31s easily.


Welcome to the addiction! :waving:

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