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When did the ball cooler disappear?

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So THAT'S why my ball cooler vent stopped working after I put a 96 dash in my 91!


Looks like it might have been eliminated in 94. I believe that's when the "relay center" in the dash harness appeared.

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2 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

jdog is right. 95 was when they started to appear in the XJ's as factory. The lower panel was reorderable but with the vent as removable and a plug to be ordered with it.


That's from the 1984-94 PN supersession. 

I'm pulling up several pics of 1994s that do not have the vent, and the lower panel is one contiguous piece.

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Since the document says there's a plug, I wonder if there's a plug in my 96 dash I can take out to re-enable the lap vent?


May investigate this tomorrow. I for one would like to have that vent working.

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