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Carpet/Vinyl interior from "factory interiors"

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So I found this recently: https://www.factoryinteriors.com/wn-product/1986-1992-jeep-comanche-carpet-replacement-mj-cutpile-complete-fits-regular-cab-full-floor-168954/ and I was curious what your guys' opinion on it was. Does it sound too good to be true? Is it a good deal? Ive just never heard of this company but I need some carpet or a vinyl floor (right now i have nothing) and this seems like the way to go for the price.

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for better or for worse it's literally the only option. ACC makes them and the rest are resellers.  shop around to find the best price.  :L: 


when it comes to installing it, lay it out in the sun for a while to make it pliable.  do not cut anything until you have it exactly where you want it.  it takes some effort and patience, but will look good in the end. :D  

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