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Cherokee vs Comanche Mudflaps

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Just picked up a set of factory XJ mudflats from the JY today for $24 that are in good condition (what a steal...). Would someone be able to explain the differences between Comanche and Cherokee mud flaps? I've posted a picture of a few mudflats for reference. Also, other pictures would be greatly appreciated


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44 minutes ago, Strokermjcomanche said:

Thanks for stealing my pic lol . 


Fronts are all the same between MJXJ besides the white or black logo . The Comanche rears are in the bottom row of my picture. I don't think I have any pictures of Cherokee rears on me . 

Sorry, didn’t mean to steal any spotlight. I found them on a previous thread from rylee144. Thank you for clearing up my confusion. I couldn’t tell what the difference was between the tears other than the brackets. 

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