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Renix 4.0 pump on a 2.5?

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realistically the regulator is built into the throttle body on a 2.5 so I should just have "excessive" return flow right?


there will probably be a complete 4.0 swap by 2020 as i'm kinda over this gutless turd of an engine but right now it just needs to go back to moving under its own power.


i can hear the pump running, took the line off before the filter and it doesn't even gravity feed. NOTHING comes out even with pump running.


thinking about hookin up the vacuum pump in hopes that the check valve is just stuck really hard and inhibiting priming. tank is full to the point of overflowing so that's not the issue, I also gotta drain some before I pop out the sending unit...



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There's a small chunk of rubber line between the pump and the tank outlet that can deteriorate. Ethanol gas isn't always great for some older rubbers. If the pump sounds like it's running strong and you don't even have a trickle, that's what my guess would be, especially if it happened instantly, and didn't just start gradually leaning out. 

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I'll second (or third) that^^^^


That rubber line turns into swiss cheese and you gradually lose pressure, until it breaks.  Then you have zero pressure (but can still hear the pump running, so you don't think it's a pump issue).  Been there, done that, got the tee shirt.  LOL.

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still trying to get this thing drained but i'm gonna be pissed if that's the cause. the hose, pump and strainer are only 18months old and it has only seen 90 octane ethanol-free boat gas since I dropped the TJ 2.5 in it.


still won't let anything in or out of the fuel line, which leads me to believe the hose is intact (if it blew out, it should pass compressed air, and it doesn't)


I parked it last july and it hadn't moved since. hose was not exposed... I took every damn precaution to make sure this didn't happen.


it's an offbrand pump and it was fairly loud when it worked. I gotta use a stethoscope just to hear it "run" now so i'm fairly certain the pump is the problem.


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