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Weird starting issue

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Every once in a while, I will go out to start my 87 2.5 and it won't crank at all. No click, no crank. And if I move the shifter through a few gears without pressing the clutch, then re try starting, it will crank right up? Usually. and when it won't, if I move the truck by pushing it to a different position, then shift it, it will then crank, otherwise I try to park where I can roll start it if I need to. 


Has anyone encountered anything like this? The last starting issue I had was when I did my 4x4 swap. The starter wouldnt work while bolted in, but would bench test just fine. I added grounds at that time thinking maybe a ground issue, but I don't know what to think now. I havent been under it yet to inspect everything. I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen this and what fixed it. 


I did replace the starter when I did the 4x4 swap with an advance auto or autozone part, but its been several years with no issues. 


Thanks for the input.

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Intermittent cranking is usually caused by dirty or worn contacts in the starter solenoid and/or relay, as well as loose/corroded connections. Go over every terminal in the starting circuit, once you ensure all connections are solid but the issue persists, starter/relay dissection should follow...

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My MJ does the exact thing. Started a couple of years ago. I just put a remote start button under the hood wired directly to the starter solenoid. I think either the switch or the mech. at the bottom of the column is worn out. After thousands of off/on uses there has to be a lot of wear. I just keep putting off fixing it.

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