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Notice the missing MJOTM lately??

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Anyone else missing the MJ of the Month feature??


I sure miss writing them...


Wonder why we haven't seen one???


Well.. we haven't had any submissions.


If you want to be considered, its really simple.


A.  Have a build thread here on CC.com


B.  Have some cool photos, whether they are in your build thread, or you can send them in.


C.  Drop me a message and fill out the form we use to give our loyal readers the skinny on your beloved truck


D.  Wait to bask in the glow of owning the feature truck of the month.


4 simple steps to Comanche greatness and Comanche Club history.


Lets get started on the new year with a big bunch of drool worthy Comanches.


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1 minute ago, Onejeeper said:

I cannot attach files to my account I am buildinga  crew cab comanche and can't figure out how to post anything. My email is  bryaninchino@gmail.com 


are you using a phone or computer? 

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