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Brake booster, single or dual?


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Hi, I’m an old member doing a forum comeback, after near 10 years away.

My Comanche have been standing still for several years, but now I have started a full restoration.

I'm collecting parts for upgrades and modifications.

Is this a single or dual diaphragm brake booster?

Brake booster (2).JPG

Brake booster (3).JPG

Part no.



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Mopar part number 04713075 (52007236) is listed as 1994 XJ booster. 1994 XJs still had single diaphragm boosters, and changed to dual diaphragm boosters in 1995. From the 1994-1996 Chrysler Parts Manual:


4713075, XJ, 1994
4761788, XJ, 1995-96
4720868, ZJ, Rear Drum, 1994
4762163, ZJ, Rear Disc 1994
4856097, ZG, Rear Disc 1996
4761786, ZJ, Rear Disc, w/Gas Eng. 1995-96
4761779, ZJ, Rear Disc, w/Diesel Eng. 1995-96


So I think you have a single diaphragm booster. But your XJ is an Export model, and weird things happened. But if this were the case, your booster would not have p/n 52007236 on the tag. Part number 52007236 is a single diaphragm booster.

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