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Tire swap?

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That is about a 32 inch tire at 10 inch wide. I know 10.5's will rub when full turn locked on stock setup.  here at the shop on our jeeps with the 4.10's we do 30/9.5r15s with no lifts . I know the 32s will fill the hell out of the stock wheel well with no lift

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I had a set on mine for a long time with little to no lift in the front. I say little to no, because when I did my 4x4 conversion I added the 4wd springs and an extra isolator, so I might have had 1/2" lift, and used shackles in the rear on the original 2wd rear springs. They did rub, especially when backing up and turning, or under a heavy load, especially in the rear. But they were usable and I ran it like that for 3-4 years. I'm lifted now so the rubbing isnt an issue anymore. I'm also at 4:10 gearing, so that helped as well. I can't see running these with any less gearing, especially with a 4 cylinder like mine.

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here's mine with the front unlifted. As you can see, the 32's fill the wheel well good.



Great man thanks. Mine has the rear springs on top so I’m just worried about the front. I went ahead and got them cuz I figure I’ll find somebody that would want them if I can’t get it to work.

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can't' answer your question on price but I'd guess $200. 


Learn from my mistakes...............


Decide what you want from the beginning, incrementalism is expensive. 


Those wheels and tires cost me $2000+ and now I'm about to order a new set at $2500. 


And there have been several sets on the truck prior. 


If you want big, go big from the beginning or pay and pay and pay again, like I've done. 



I wouldn't buy those wheels myself, IINM, those are 7" wheels. Lot of guys run 12" tires on 7" wheels, I won't, it's a hack in my opinion. 



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19 hours ago, dustytony said:

Yeah I’ll probably go a different route. That being said, what’s a fair price for a set of about half tread left 255/70R18s on wrangler rims with a brand new spare?


You can get 5 JK take-offs around here, tires on rims, for around $400 a set on CL or FB.  Typically 2000-3000 miles on Bridgestone Duelers or Goodyear Wranglers is what you see available.

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