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DIY Dirtbound Offroad rear MJ bumper prototype!

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The square holes are for LED lights?
What is the purpose for the T shaped holes on the bottom?  For a high lift jack point?
Is there a purpose for the two holes on the end plates?
LED pods yes

Hi lift jack yes

And dirtbound has quarter panel armor that ties into the bumper there

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On 6/22/2018 at 12:04 AM, krustyballer16 said:

I'll be starting another page with instructions on how to build this bumper.
Was part of the deal with Max to get it lol

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Any idea on when they will make a DIY kit available for sale? I got one of their DIY front Manta Ray bumpers for my xj that I plan on swapping over to my MJ. I will definitely be in the market for a rear to match :D



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Do you need a special table or something to bend the pieces into place? I'm sure it'll help though
Nope, just sturdy and big enough to put your weight into it. The pieces are held together by just a few little slivers, so put the seam at the edge of the table and push down or pull up.

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