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  1. Hey guys, the DIY rear is available! I will be posting a sale on kits later today so make sure to check out facebook for the details. https://www.dirtboundoffroad.com/diy-manta-ray-rear-bumper-jeep-comanche-mj.html
  2. Ill price out the tube rack as a kit. would you want the part that goes over the roof or make that separate? Unfortunately the flares probably won't go further down as people won't pay what the extra work costs.
  3. Here is our current winch bumper line up. Limited time offer: Free powdercoated steering box spacer with all winch bumper purchases, a $59.99 value! Hardware kit and Unibody Tie-In brackets come standard with winch bumpers. Manta Ray Winch Bumper. From $549 Available with Grille Guard, Pre Runner, or no hoops. Shown with Pre Runner Hoops. Hammer Head Winch Bumper. From $529 Available with Grille Guard, Pre Runner, or no hoops. Shown with no Hoops. Extreme Winch Bumper. From $429 Available with Grille Guard, Pre Runner, or no hoops. Shown with Grille Guard Hoops. Stubby Front Winch Bumper . From $199
  4. Our stubby bumpers are in stock and ready to ship. DIY Stubby Recovery $69.99 (Includes tie in brackets) DIY Stubby Winch $119.99 (Includes tie in brackets) Stubby Front Recovery Bumper $129.99 (Includes tie in brackets) Stubby Front Recovery Bumper w/ Receiver $159.99 (Includes tie in brackets) Stubby Front Winch Bumper $199.99 (Includes tie in brackets)
  5. Man I have been waiting for someone to do it. I am ready to order as soon as they get released. Is pricing going to be comparable to the XJ ones. It will be close, though a little more as the armor will require much more steel.
  6. We are working on rear MJ flairs! They will look similar to the XJ ones, but sized for the MJ Bed. They may be available as just the flair, but we will see as prototyping continues.
  7. Well the plan is to keep the stock tank, for a dual tank setup. Also wanted to keep the ground clearance high, especially with it being a Long Bed. The good thing about having both a Long Bed and Short Bed MJ is sliders and other products will be easy to make for everyone. Last week the 4.56 Gears, Zip Lockers, Chromoly Shafts showed up from Yukon Gear!
  8. Got the frame modifications done for the XJ gas tank. I plan to draw up some gussets for the leaf mount that will support the mounting bolt, and weld into the frame further forward.
  9. So I have wanted a Comanche for a while now, and after talking to Shawn at Inland Jeep he mentioned he had a 86 longbed Comanche he was selling. Long story short, the jeep is now torn apart in my shop. Some of you might know me from the Cherokee forums, I own DirtBound Offroad and we make Bumpers, Armor, Accessories for the XJ's. During the last month the MJ has been torn down and put into casters to make it easy to move around the shop, the front end has been converted to the new fenders, header panel and hood. The plan for the build is to go with a SOA in the rear and a 5.5" coil in the front with a prototype 3 link. The front bumper is going to be our Manta Ray Winch Bumper, with a Warn Zeon 8s (that is coming off my JK), I plan to design a rear bumper possibly with a tire carrier, sliders and armor. Here is what the MJ looked like when it rolled off the trailer. How it sits today The passenger side floor was rotted though, so we replaced it with a donor floor pan from another junked MJ. I also swapped the E Brake assembly part of the tunnel and the dash bracket on the driver side, the rest of the dash mounts we welded tabs and used rivet nuts. The driver side has a few small pin holes on the floor, so I primed it with rust inhibitor and will be riveting down patch panels over the existing floor pan. We will then undercoat the bottom to seal it good. I plan to install a XJ tank in the rear and wanted to have it sit up against the bottom of the bed so I cut the crossmember out and started to replace it with the new "frame", I still have to draw up the gussets to weld on. For the rear axle I wanted a D44, it just so happens I found the axle but it came with a entire running truck for $1200 after DMV fees and smog repairs. So the D35 will be going in this one as it is a street queen 2WD.
  10. Free to a good home long bed plastic liner, in decent shape. I will be going the spray route and need the plastic one gone.
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