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pick n pull came through for once!


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Nice score:beerbang:


Just out of curiosity, what did you have to pay for that up there in the Canadas?  I know different yards down here charge VASTLY different prices for things.  That thing could be anywhere from $100-ish up to several hundred depending on who has it.  Imagine it's probably much the same up there, too.

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3 hours ago, DirtyComanche said:

I miss being able to go to that pick'n'pull.  It always had a decent selection of junk.

 you know, i really didnt realize how many parts that were available through this place,

until i moved away once or twice.


then seeing online people asking for shipping quotes on parts, when literally there's donors every where here. (mass amount of cherokees)


and MJeff87

it was $220, i was kinda bumbed it wasnt on 50% off sale and i forgot to use my $15 off coupon :( 


but hey, it was worth it.


even better.

i rented a u haul and got them to stuff the bed in with a front end loader after i got it up  to the till :D 



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If you still have any significant selection of older XJs in your junkyards, consider yourself lucky. Around here, they were either junked a few years ago or are still on the road :brickwall:


One of the junkyards I go to pretty often (which serves a pretty large metropolitan area) has a 1994 and a 1996, and I can tell you that neither of them have any useful parts on them anymore. Another has a 1990 and a 1996. The 1996 last time I saw it was stripped basically down to the shell. There was a 5 speed 98 there though, which is kind of neat I guess.


Full of Grand Cherokees of all flavors and PT Cruisers as far as the eye can see, though!

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9 hours ago, MancheKid86 said:

... i rented a u haul and got them to stuff the bed in with a front end loader after i got it up  to the till :D 



You're lucky that they helped you with this.   The one that I frequent the most will not assist in any way.   Great stuff at reasonable prices but you're on your own.   A lot of the heavier items that can't be easily picked go for scrap metal.

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It seems like once you leave the more densely populated areas in Canada, you get a pretty good volume of yards that don't crush things until they'be been picked to the bone. There's a yard back home where I've been picking parts off the same six MJ's there and a dozen or so XJ's for over five years. They've got a whole square-mile section, and have the back 40 loaded with old iron. First time I went I spent about five hours just wandering around and looking at everything. And that's down south. Further north like Flin Flon or Thompson they've got huge yards, and up into the winter road network there are places where cars that made it in but didn't make it back out just accumulate in "free" yards cause it's barely worth hauling them back south to get recycled, or even to get repaired.

Kinda sucks being where I am now though, cause the nearest wrecking yard is a couple hours' drive away :(

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