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RockAuto closeouts


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i ordered a bunch of stuff last week from the closeouts section.  Amazingly, they happened to have everything I needed this time in the closeouts section.  I saved more than half (even with shipping) from what i was getting ready to buy from Autozone.

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I like to monitor the closeouts deals for items to throw in my offroad spares kit.


How to quickly find all closeout parts offered for a specific car without clicking every parts category:


1. On the rockauto.com home page, click on the big red start button to start the "Interactive" catalog.

2. Towards the bottom of the page, look for 
"Catalog display problem? Click Here for the traditional HTML version."
This will take you to the older style catalog search. 

3. Search through the catalog till you find your specific car model.

4. Your address bar should read something like "http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/x,carcode,1333381" 
The numbers at the end are your car's code #.

5. Use this link, but replace the Xs after "carcode=" with your car's code.

This will pull up all the close out deals for your car.  Bookmark the link in your web browser.  Enjoy.

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