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Roof rack?

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I just built a simple wooden frame that sits in My bed to hold my canoe, if you search “canoe rack” on here there are some threads from a few years ago, one pic shows an mj with what looks like a small (maybe Xj cross bars) on the roof of an mj holding at least one kayak 





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On 6/6/2018 at 11:12 PM, Master7122 said:

Has anyone put a roof rack on their comanche? I’m just looking for something that will allow me to rest 2 kayaks on and strap them down

You really just need a bar run across the back of the cab to keep the kayaks off the cab correct?  They will sit at an angle upward towards the front of the truck?  


If that's the case, you can buy drip rail brackets for an XJ and a section of steel pipe.  Weld the brackets to the pipe and you got yourself a removable bar to rest them against.  How high would the kayaks stick up above the cab if you did this?  Too high and they will catch wind and cause bad mpg or fly out of the truck.  

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Yes! I’m basically looking for something like that but i would have more of the kayak in the bed, also what Dzimm said would work as well, mount to drop rail with piece of steak tube... just don’t want the kayak resting on the cab itself and want to be able to tie it down as well

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