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April 2018 ● RYNOMJ's '88

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Something is different around the site, eh? Have you noticed? WE'VE GOT A NEW SUBFORUM!!! There has been plenty of updates to the site recently and if you haven't had a look around for a while, then you've got some catching up to do. Changes are good, right?! This month's MJOTM has plenty of changes. Just so happens you'll find him in the new Epic Tech section too! How about that?! This truck is great!


Quick End Jerk Regular




88 Pioneer

Stock Renix 4.0L, Rustys intake tube. 

99-04 Super Duty Dana 60 (5.38.)Spartan locker, ECGS Slugs, 35 spline outers, 01 E350 Dana 60 Detroit locker, NP241OR 4:1, AW4 with RADesign/Winter shifter, Auxiliary cooler with electric fan mounted under the bed.


Three electric fans in a Dirt Bound fan shroud, Trans and steering cooler mounted in front of the radiator.


Rubicon Express 5.5” front coils, Bilstien shocks, Clayton long arm kit. RE track bar mount, custom track bar. Rear SOA with Bilstien shocks.


Swapped in bucket seats, custom center console. A pillar Autometer trans temp gauge x2, water temp gauge.


WJ Booster, prop valve delete.


Flop Shop Offroad front bumper with warn M8000, custom rear bumper. 2x6” steel rockers. Rustys T-case skid, metal cloak oil pan skid. 8” removed from the rear of the bed. T&M Fab MJ stiffeners, Rustys Tail lights. Flop shop offroad mirrors.



17x9 Battleborn bead locks, 39.5” BFG Krawler reds (haven’t ran them yet). Old tires were 40” Goodyear MTR 17x8 steels.



TNT high clearance inner fenders. PSC hydro assist 8” ram, PSC pump, stock box. Optima yellow top.




















Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ●

I had an 89 prior to this; I built it a little too nice and just didn’t have the heart to wheel it. I bought this 88 in September 2016 to build into something I could wheel. By January 2017 I took it out on its first trip. As everyone knows these things are never done.


I really enjoy wheeling this thing in the north east. It’s always fun seeing everyone’s reactions when I show up with the MJ because it’s not like everyone else’s TJ or JKs. It’s always impressed me and everyone else with what it’s capable of doing. I have a lot of kinks to still work out but it works great for a Jeep that’s older than me!


CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ●

I think CC is awesome because if you have any kind of problem or issue with a Comanche, this is the place to come. There is so many knowledgeable people on here that know these Jeeps inside and out you can always get an answer or two.




Awesome! Just awesome!! Really reminds me of a wheeling MJ I had a while ago and this is 100% the direction I had in my head. So cool that others can live vicariously through others around here. Even cooler that we've got examples like yours! Thanks for being a part of CC.



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this is one of those trucks that I'd just love to bring to the original owner to see their reaction.  :D    very impressive!  

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On 4/3/2018 at 3:11 PM, MeanLemons said:

This is awesome!


is that Rausch Creek? 

 Some of it yes.

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On 4/5/2018 at 11:01 PM, RynoMJ said:

 Some of it yes.

I knew I recognized some of the terrain.

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