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Alternate head lights?

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2 minutes ago, Noriyori_Kudo said:

I used these https://www.amazon.com/GENSSI-Headlight-Sealed-Replacement-Xenon/dp/B013TMZUSM.

They are good price and I have not had any issue with burn out on my f250 or my mj. very bright and same watts as the factory halogens. direct plug n play.




For the Wagoneer he'll need the 4x6 size, not the 6x7 size

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2 hours ago, Kyleinreallife said:

Can anyone suggest a decent way to polish up the front blinkers?

87' XJ Wagoneer I-6 AW4 NP242

Toothpaste (especially gritty toothpaste) works well to clean up plastic headlights/turnsignals.  There are some products out there specifically designed for this also.  

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On 2/6/2018 at 8:11 PM, shrapneltyphoon said:

I know truck-lite sells some 4x6 led headlights but kinda iffy on getting them due to the fact they don't have a heating element option and the with the weather here in ND you kinda need to be able to melt the snow off sometimes lol

At least here in CO I have not yet had issues with headlights icing up with my LEDs. 

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