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Can new bushings make popping noises?

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When I got my MJ the previous owner had replaced the front end bushings (red), not sure what they are made of. There is a popping noise when I'm turning and going up or down grade at the same time. It reminds me of when I used an oil impregnated nylon material that acts as a bearing for sliding on steel parts of a piece of heavy machinery that I once designed (it popped like crazy when it was sliding). I've checked all of the usual popping sources that are listed on this forum and the entire front end was rebuilt by the PO.


Has anyone noticed popping or "creeping" after installing new bushings? (these bushings are red and shiny looking).



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From the sounds of things they're polyurethane and yes, they will quite possibly make noise unless lubricated with the correct grease.


That said it easily could be that something else is worn out or loose.  Retorque all the suspension bolts, check the ball joints, wheel bearings, ujoints, steering, etc.

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18 hours ago, creepinmanche said:

I agree with 87Cheif. I had LOUD popping on hills turning to the left....and sometimes to the right. I couldn't see any movement anywhere to the naked eye, but I re tightened all of the bolts holding my frame side trac bar mount and never had another noise come from it.



Agreed, ecactly how I found out it was my track bar.



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On ‎2‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 9:06 AM, Eagle said:

WD-40 is a mix of kerosene and paraffin. It is NOT a lubricant.

I agree that it's not a lubricant, I think that may be what's causing the popping, It looks like the PO may have used it to install some of the bushings. I've checked all the track bar connections and all is tight and good.


Even the PO said it never popped before he had the entire front end rebuilt.


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