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CAD, Jeep is at it again....LOL........and other info.

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I'm curious to see the gears/carrier out of the axles.  I'm wondering if they have better bearings or a third pinion bearing to make them live, as they are smaller than the last generation.  There may be more hypoid offset, based on how high that high pinion looks.


Those inner Cs look beefy.  The knuckles themselves, I would wait on that one.  I would not be surprised if Crane and Reid are making replacements in short order.


Better brackets is great, too bad they're boat anchors, like on the JK.


Tube improvement is good, but not surprising, the weak tubes were costing Chrysler money as they had to warranty axles over it.


CAD sucks, one more thing to go wrong.  I'm sure there will be delete kits for it in a hurry.  However it looks like it hangs down too, at least on the old CAD XJ axles you weren't really losing any clearance to using them.

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