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January 2018 ● DRCOMANCHE's '88

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Happy 2018, Comanche Club!!! I apologize for the late start, but its very much a rocky start for me so far. Sometimes that's just the way it goes. We try and make things work to reach a deadline only to come up just short of what we intended. What better way to introduce this month's MJOTM member though? We're going to start the year with a bit of a project! This month's member had full intentions of getting a huge over hall wrapped up before the 1st of the year... but then a roadblock in the form of a back order stepped in. Problem? Heck no! Still an awesome truck! Still an awesome member!


Gypsy CurseYqiehPu.jpg



1988 Jeep Comanche Base


94 Cherokee Transplant 4.0l H.O. Motor with upgraded injectors


AX 15/231 Transfer Case with SYE  Trussed Front D44 with a Yukon Locker/ Rear 9" with a Spool(From a 77 Bronco) with 5.13 gears


Stock(for now)


Upgraded Battery Cables but otherwise stock


6 and a half springs up front with 1 ton steering linkages and a custom panhard bar/ Spring over in rear with heavy duty lift shackles


All grey interior with the bucket seats with the exception of some brown details(from the mud)


4 wheel large caliper disc brakes


2 2x7 Cree LED lights



Rebuilt spliced frame painted inside and out(no more rust)/ Army green and Bedliner black body

Protofab Front bumper/ custom Rear and a retro fit rollbar


16x8 Basic wheels with 35" General Grabber Red Letters


She's still a work in progress but will be ready soon!







Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ●

I purchased this to be a daily driver a long time ago(because I was stubborn and wanted something cool), so the best moment was probably putting 3 months of sweat and money into it and then finally taking it out for the first time. I had never driven nor been in a large vehicle before so it was an experience unlike any other(until the death wobble started:helpme:). It was a first drive I would never forget and to this day, I still get that feeling every time I hop into it.

CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ●

I was brand new to offroading entirely when I purchased this truck. Back then, I didn't know a leaf shackle from a steering knuckle and it was really hard just jumping in to working on it since my only experience was older sports cars. It took some intense research and a lot of questions to really even begin to understand what I was getting into and even now, I still have questions about all kinds of things.


But from the very beginning, ComancheClub has always been a wealth of information and resources to steadily piece everything together. Anytime I had a question, even if it seemed a stupid one to those better acquainted with these vehicles, they would still answer it and help me learn how to solve these issues.


So why do I think so? Simply because you won't find a better, more engaged, and well meaning community with all of this experience and information at your fingertips than this. Everyone here really loves these trucks and puts their all into their own and others.


I couldn't quite beat the clock to have her finished before the 1st(dang back ordered leaf springs) but here soon I'll have a GIANT update on the truck for the MJOTM nomination on the build page. She will be back and better than ever and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and a few action shots.




Way to go!!! You stated off with a solid base (minus the rust, of course) and then you took the ball and ran with it. There are so many of us here that would look at the rust repair needed on the frame and ran! You tackled it and did a great job with it. The rest of the latest upgrades and updates have been well needed and well done too. A huge tip of the cap on this one!... and hopefully you get your leaf springs soon.





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yeah, that's pretty dang epic, yet still retains the key MJ lines that we love.  :thumbsup:  congrats!  

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Thanks everyone. I know it doesn't look it's best currently without all the parts on it, but I guarantee it'll be awesome when it's done(Plus a lot of work went into this next update). I finally received my leaf springs, so I can throw it all back together again.

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