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differences in trackbars between engine options?

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hey, will a trackbar off of a 89 4.0 pioneer shortbed work on a 86 2.8 longbed?


the one on the 3800 is shot, the one that came off the 89 was replaced less than 2000 miles ago along with all balljoints, ujoints, brake pads, and upper control arms.



so I guess I'd just like to get away with putting this one in the 3800, but they look a bit different...I assume they're the same or similar length and the only difference would be because they sit lower as a result of heavier engine and are therefore different in length by a half inch at most...

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I'm just putting it in on sunday I think...the tracbar on the 3800 isn't safe for me to drive in speeds in excess of 45mph if I hit a bump...bumps make it death wobble side to side. I also think my UCA bushings are shot (still haven't replaced them...my engineering of the exhaust headers/manifolds means that I have to remove the driver's side one in order to remove the upper control arm bolts :( ) so I will be looking into that.

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There's no difference by engine. Between the 86-90 and the 91+ there is a tiny difference in length. We tried to measure it or see it one day up at the dealership and we couldn't see it, but when I put a '93 track bar on my '88 XJ the steering wheel was about a quarter turn off and had to be re-centered. Works fine, though.

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