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front axle u joint upgrade

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I bought ZJ CVs because I had damaged 260x shafts.  So far I like them but don't have a lot of miles or abuse on them.  I think they're probably all around better than the 260x shafts and aren't a lot of money.


Personally I would never bother changing a set of 260x ujoints.  Junkyard some newer style ones, or buy aftermarket.

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ABS shafts or late model D30 shafts use the 297 joints that you can run spicer 760 joints in.

This is the way to go if you want to stay U-joints...


Personally I got sick of changing u-joints every year or so and switched to ZJ CV shafts and never changed one again in my MJ and ran the same CV shafts for the next 6 years till I did a Hub conversion and had to go back to U-joints but they were the 297's and a locker but rarely had the hubs unlocked...

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