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MJ Hood Ornament

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so i was always wondering why on the hood of my 86 XLS had two little holes in it 

and now i finally see why 

i guess they made some with a hood ornament 

so i was wondering if anybody knew where i can get my hands on one of those bad boys

or are they to rare to even come by ?







or one of these would be pretty kool to 



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I don't know for sure but I think someone probably got a hood ornament from a grand wagoneer or something and put it on your truck... i could most certainly be wrong though....


Ive thought about doing this to my truck though too lol


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i don't think that the previous owner put it on there 

i think that in 86 when AMC owned the vehicles they might have done a few with ornaments 

but even if the last guy did put it on i think it looks real kool with it on there 


You can think that but you'd be wrong. I have owned an '84 Cherokee, a couple of 86 Comanches, an 87 Cherokee and an 87 Comanche, several 88s, an 89 or two (Cheroekee and Comanche, and a few others right up through the 2001 Cherokee. None of them had a hood ornament.

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