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Ride Quality LB vs SB

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Had been looking at short beds for quite a while, but have come across a 1990 long bed automatic that I may be interested in.  My choice for a short bed was due to the limited space in my garage.  The Short bed at around 15' would fit no problem, but the long bed at 16' may be a bit tight.


I would imagine a longer wheel base would be a smoother ride, but it is a truck.  I don't imagine it would be super smooth anyway.


Those that have long beds, could you jump in and let me know your thoughts?  I'd appreciate it.



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All other things being equal, as the saying goes.  A longer wheel base will give you a more comfortable ride.  Also, if you are towing, the long wheelbase is safer (Guess why no factory MetricTon/BigTon package on the short bed).


But as Pete said: Lots more things contribute to a smooth ride more than 6 more inches in the wheelbase.  Especially with 25/30 year old trucks.

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