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Good morning folks.

I'm about to be the new owner of a 1988 Comanche. I've been wanting one for years and one has popped up on local classifieds. It's a 2wd 5 speed with the 6 cylinder. Body seems to be in great shape other than rockers, cab corner and door panel. Interior is mint. 157K kms.

I'm looking to do a 4wd swap right away with it.

Looking for some insight on best route to go for components. Year and model. I want to stay as a 5 speed.

This beast will be replacing my 1997 Suzuki sidekick that is getting pretty tired. Only about 150K kms on her but they have been rough off-road kms. Lol.

I also plan to swap a vw tdi into the jeep down the road

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I already have a well equipped Suzuki sidekick. So I've already got rubber and a winch. I am capable and have the facilities to do whatever fabrication I choose to do.

I have a vw corrado that I was swapping a tdi into. This project will replace the corrado. I'll be stripping it down and selling it off. Once Comanche 4wd swap is done I'll sell the sidekick. Too any horses in the stable. Lol.

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First update. The purchase is official. Went and saw it today. It was easier than planned, but I believe very workable.

Interior is mint. Box interior is very solid. Rust on arches and corners of box.

Cab floors and rockers are shot.

Engine idles rough but once it's warmed up smothes out. Runs really nice abo e idle.

So now the sourcing of parts will begin.

Any recommendations for good sources for replacement rockers and floors.

Not much will be happening to this beast over the winter. But it will be good to start amassing parts.

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Just from the fact that you eventually want to do a TDI conversion, the 98 5 speed will save you buying an AX15 transmission later on.  If you get an 87-90 Cherokee, you most likely will not get an AX15 transmission.

The 98 clutch is external and a 87-90 clutch will be internal.  So that is a plus for the 98.

I would check the DIY section to see what, if any sensor are different.  Thinking speedometer is different (electric vs mechanical).  Don't know if anything else is different.

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