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Zone Off-road shocks

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Has anyone tried the Zone Hydro shocks on their trucks? I called their tech support and they were extremely helpful and took the time to answer my questions while I debated which shocks were best for my truck and driving style. I knew their customer service would be excellent since they are BDS and I have never had an issue with anything to do with BDS.


I have not seen any input on their shocks so I figured for $140 I would give them a shot and report back to the forum.


If you have them what do you like/dislike about them?

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Is that 140$ for all 4 or each?


It was $140 shipped for all 4.


all white body shocks are the same, just rebranded.  


That is not a true statement. I would like to see actual proof of this. There are numerous places that have "white body" shocks that are not the same. Some have different sized shafts, different valving and body diameters. The white rockets currently on my truck ride like $#!&. They are valved way to heavy for the light MJ.

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I'm not sure what you guys want in a lifted truck shock but I'm impressed with the Zone shocks. Compared to the other white rockets I took off it is a night and day difference. No more back jarring hits, the rear end stays planted on washboards, smooth as glass on the streets.


I love the way my truck rides now. If you want a firm ride these are not the shocks for you. If you want that smooth car like ride, look at these shocks.

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