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High Mileage MJs

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How many miles are too many if, from appearances, Carfax, etc, the Comanche looks to be in decent shape? KBB price is about a 3rd of what these guys are asking.



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Nope nope nope nope. We're years away from "decent, I guess" trucks like this one being worth 7k. For that much money you can get yourself a really nice one if you wait. Mileage is much less of a concern than maintenance. If well taken care of these trucks are doing fine at 230k. Just make sure the important mechanical bits all check out. I'd much rather have a high mileage babied truck than a low mileage spanked truck - and for the record I own examples of both.

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Believe me, I would never pay that amount, ever, for such a high mileage MJ.  Just seeing what other members thought on the matter.


Your reply is the first one that actually addressed my question,  I appreciate that



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It's just finding the right buyer.  These are truly classics now.  They are most familiar to the more dedicated Jeep person. 


First MJ had some miles on it, over 200K but was in overall very good shape. No rust. The tail gate was slightly dented. 


The young man that bought it did so because it looked, so he said,  exactly like the one he had before.  Before it was totaled by a dump truck. From behind. 


Had picked it up for less than $1K.  It required several things ( new tires/wheels, front bumper, rear bumper, steering column ) but got it all squared away.  


Sold for $2,800. 


Current MJ was purchased as the "parts truck" from a two MJ CL listing.  Just kept after the guy. Knew more than likely nobody would buy them both. He

finally said, "Come get this GD thing I am so tired of CL people!"  Drove ~8 hours over and back to Don's beautiful state to drag it back.


My family thought I had lost my mind. 


Now after many much work, usually have someone every week or two ask if I'd sell it to them. 


Nobody has gotten high enough to make me stop walking. 

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I agree that maintenance history is more important then mileage when I look at any vehicle. The more records the better, unfortunately a lot of these trucks aren't kept after or sit for a long time. My 91 I'm building shows approx. 280k miles, and with a little tweaking runs pretty good for the condition I found it in. 4.0/2.5's are pretty stout engines, so as long as the truck seems in halfway decent shape I wouldn't be too concerned on the mileage. FWIW, I daily a neon with over 300k miles and I hardly maintain it, so high mileage really doesn't bother me.

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I always keep an eye out for high mileage one owner or long term second owner cherokees.

My 98 I bought from the original owner in 2007 for $1,700 with 209k on it. It currently just turned 444,444 miles the other night. Still has the original engine running good having never been opened up.

But they made 3.5 million cherokees and only 190,000 or so Comanche's so they were a lot easier to find.

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