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New Job/Old Job.


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With the way this month was going I was expecting to have even more bad luck, but I get to end it on a good note.

My company opened a new engineering and repair department for their many facilities to do their own maintenance, repair, machining, and calibrations for their various zip sorters, printers, folders, etc. and they put up a posting.  I, having a strong mechanical background but a bad back decided to try for it anyway.  A 40% pay increase is usually tempting enough to try, but I never held out hope that I would get it.

After my second interview, which was the 3 main managers/department heads at the facility battering me with questions, they tracked me down while on my way out the door and offered me the position.  I'm super excited to be back working with my hands and doing the kind of stuff I love to do.  The extra money will definitely help too!

A lot of credit has to go to the recruiter for my company, a fellow rider who I tend to talk to a lot on my breaks, for pushing me to try for it and for really pushing the head of that department to consider me.  I've spent the last few years in kind of a dark void, with no prospects and my depression kicking my butt.  It's nice to feel like I have a career and some hope again.  I just need to brush up on my machining skills a little...I'm going to be a bit rusty.

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If you can push that big old Goldwing around this new job will be cake for you.  :thumbsup:  Congrats!

The Goldwing suffers more pushing my big butt around.  :laughin: 


I think what I like the most is that I am staying within the same company.  I keep all of my benefits, vacation, tenure, etc.  No having to fill out more paper work or wait for insurance to kick in, just swap out locations and job duties and go.


These aren't small machines either.  They have 2 sets of HP printers (2 printers each set) that are individually big enough to take up a two car garage, and take over 100ft of blank paper just to feed before they can start a printing process.  Kind of cool.   each printer also has 36 print heads and 18 blade servers each.  Kind of mind blowing compared to my little desk top printer.


My goal is to try and save most of the extra income, it will aid me in buying a few goodies for my Comanche too.  Up to this point my income has been just tight enough that it takes a while to save to do anything.  Now I may be able to actually finish my axle/wheel/tire setup and suspension by next summer or fall at the latest.

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